I am 28 years old and a former resident of Minneapolis. Raised in Northeast Minneapolis, I have many memories in Roseville. It’s where I learned to swim in Lake Josephine,  went school shopping with my mom every August, and celebrated many birthdays. I moved to Roseville in March of 2017, shortly after getting married. My husband and I chose to move to Roseville as an escape from South Minneapolis’ rising rents.

There are many issues facing the suburban areas of the Twin Cities as rents rise, neighborhoods gentrify, and people seek a new home close to their roots.  I believe the many needs facing our City are intersectional. I also believe the solutions are intersectional and creating policy with this in mind can help get to the root of our issues and bring forth positive change.

I envision the community of Roseville becoming leaders of the urban future where we help each other grow.  I will bring forth policy ideas which protect our most vulnerable residents, continue Roseville’s growth as a steward of environmental sustainability, and improve accessibility, attainability, and affordability of renting  or owning a home.

As a council member, I will work towards these policy principals by including the residents of Roseville. I believe there are many organizations and individuals working towards a better Roseville and I wish to return their platform to effecting change through community input, collaboration, and action.


Paid and Prepared by the Dannah Thompson for Roseville City Council Committee